Communication skills training workshops are for Spoken English, Business Communication, Advanced presentation skills, Advanced Writing Skills, Verbal Communication dynamics, Voice and Accent Neutralization, Public Speaking and NLP.
In the digital age, the need for communication is not replaced by technology. It has in fact grown deeper in complexity and broader in context. Today’s professionals and corporate employees and managers are required to connect with diverse global audiences with little or no preparation (given the speed of doing business) and yet expected to strike an emotional chord instantaneously. Communication is a vital skill that has large benefits from the personal to the professional. Studying Communication Skills improves self-knowledge and self-perception and it helps us see how we impact others positively (or negatively).
All the other business foundational skills of analysis, design, development work around Communication Skills. Managing team members, motivating them, planning growth plays, controlling business variables, evaluating performance with high degree of discernment, coping with constant change management scenarios, conduct business reviews with stakeholders and management boards – all these transactions need a high degree of understanding and finesse for Communication Skills.
At Achieeve Academy, the best of Communication Skills training workshops addresses all three types of business communication sessions – verbal communication, non-verbal and visual communication. Additionally, Communication Skills can also be understood through these categories – interpersonal, non-verbal, written and oral communication. No matter how one sees the Communication Skills workshops, the best corporate communication training workshops focusses on content (actual words or symbols used), process (delivery elements like tone of voice, body language, emotional states, eye contact) and context (situation and environment that influences the message’s effectiveness).
Communication Skills training is conducted broadly across three levels depending on the participant’s starting point and degree of desired intensity.
At Achieeve Academy the various corporate communication sessions for professionals across the board addresses language enhancement built on the importance of better business communication for work effectiveness and also works on accent related programs including accent neutralization as well as specialised British and American accent development.
For professionals and corporate employees, whose role involves extensive public speaking, networking and presentations there are specific workshops within this program that have been designed to address the communication needs of their respective roles. These workshops cover development of specific communication related competencies like public speaking, presentation and conversational abilities. Additionally, Communication sessions brings English and interpersonal skills training for all levels of the hierarchy and for individuals across all domains.
For those who are competent communicators but want to use their expertise to get better results overcoming specific challenges, niche workshops address the application of areas like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis and Appreciative Enquiry
These workshops aim to enhance individual, team and organizational effectiveness.
  • Verbal Communication Dynamics

      This Communication Skills training works on developing a communication structure to create a lasting impression. Breaking down the technical language and presenting with greater clarity and confidence. Using body language to deliver material with mastery. Overall improvements in voice quality, texture, tone and syntax.

  • NLP communication workshop

      NLP as a communication skill leverages dimensions of emotional intelligence in order to deal with people and situations better. Handle challenging situations through advanced Communication Skills. Using communication as a means of stress management. Grow individual persuasion abilities.

  • Voice and Accent Neutralization

      This Business corporate Communication Skills training works in-depth with changing speech patterns, voice production, Intonation and rhythm, Phonetics and Jaw Exercises, Vowel & Consonant Sounds, Syllable and Word Stress, Voice modulation & Speech therapy. The long term impacts of this Communication Skills training includes engaging in extensive conversations, presentations and telephone calls, and improving the professional company image by ensuring greater understanding from listeners

  • Advanced Presentation Skills

      This Business Communication training assists in understanding what makes an effective Business Presentation, and dissect the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation style, pushes you to clarify the purpose and objective of your presentation thereby ensuring your presentation meets the business need by structuring for maximum effect and using language with creativity.

  • Communication Classes – Written

      This Communication Skills training dives into developing writing skills that can be applied to any type of business writing, assists in presenting thoughts, feelings and Ideas clearly and effectively. Corporate training or for individuals, this workshop will emphasize on the basics – like thinking before you begin, understanding the basics of writing, using words to express or impress and master grammar and punctuation. The Communication Skills workshop has definite gains from understanding and improving your writing skills, improving listening & reading comprehension thereby ensuring correct business expression.

Achieeve Academy customizes its corporate Communication Skills workshops along the ADDIE model. Workshop experiences are analysed, designed, developed and delivered that are solution focused and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions and more.
In addition to the ADDIE model, Achieeve Academy business communication training takes advantage of the experiential learning process of concrete experience – reflective observation – abstract conceptualization – active experimentation.
The corporate Communication Skills training programs at Achieeve Academy brings in hands-on experience of trying new things, facing problems, stepping out of the comfort zone, and there upon reflect to build on discovering new findings.
Achieeve Academy corporate Communication Skills training vertical aspires to bring cutting edge training programs that ensures communication capabilities are formed at all levels within a company or institution and individuals, teams and organizations are able to step up their communication capability in order to achieve success.
Achieeve Academy Business Communication training program brings a deep-level and 360 degrees focus on training across various aspects of Communication Skills.
Managers across industries and functions and executive level participants who have attended the communication sessions program shared most of these long-term outcomes: increase in team productivity, increased employee engagement, better ways of influencing people, and enhanced negotiation and conflict resolution skills.