HR training includes certification workshops for Performance management, Competency based Interviewing skills, Organizational Development for Diversity and Gender Inclusion, Delivering effective performance appraisals, hiring millennial talent.

What is the premise of Human Resources training programs?

In the past decades the Human Resources function has evolved quick and deep. From welfare activities to labour management, the function was tasked to bring administrative focus into personnel management activities. Human Resources thereafter added diverse tasks of recruitment and payroll management into their fold of duties. But with companies today battling for constantly shifting competitive edges understand the value of employee capital and how Human Resources can tilt the edge in their favour.

In the year 2020 and beyond, Human Resources professionals need to be Strategic in intent and business-oriented in action. Their core roles are being recast to promote employee productivity and overall organizational success. Said simply, Human Resources is a specialized function – bringing business savvy, top-strategy aligned, play the company’s change catalyst, be the torch holders in an organization’s positive relationship management processes, leading cultural and gender sensitivity rhythms, and providing strategic focus to guide training and development initiatives.

What is present demand of training Human Resources?
Specialised Human Resources calls for Specialised HR training.

These are a mountain of skills and competencies that a beginner or a seasoned Human Resources professional needs to absorb and apply in their daily work-lives. It is a daunting proposition that Achieeve Academy exhaustive suite of Human Resources training skills helps a corporate HR employee or a tenured free-lancer or even a strategic HR consultant to navigate with confidence and competence.

What are the Human Resources training certification courses?

Human Resources training courses are a vast set of specialized trainings that include – Business communication skills, Influencing & Negotiation skills, Competency based Interviewing skills, Organizational Development for Diversity and Gender Inclusion, Delivering effective performance appraisals, POSH, Hiring smart and efficient Millennial talent.

Achieeve Academy long standing presence in the HR training and development space translates to analysing specific client needs, designing HR training programs for impact, implementing for broad and deep imbibing of skills and practices, and finally post intervention evaluation to deliver on organization’s training ROI.

What is the primary purpose for Achieeve Academy Human Resources Training Programs?

The basic premise of HR training programs is to ensure that Human Resources professionals are able to develop the right set of competencies that are needed to recruit, retain and grow the most effective kind of workforce within organizations.

How are Achieeve Academy Human Resources Trainings Organized?

The HR training skills suite starts at the individual levels with workshops such as interviewing skills, hiring by competencies, office etiquettes, cross cultural sensitization and then moves to the broader aspects of an HR professional’s responsibility areas with workshops designed for Performance management, Employee engagement, Talent retention.

Achieeve Academy also has in its portfolio advanced HR training workshops that address Organizational HR strategy and Strategy implementation.

What are the important aspects of HR training programs and Certification?

It is important to check the training workshops for the following:
The learning workshop is a combination of theory and application. The facilitator is a seasoned training professional who has proven expertise of delivering effective and engaging training workshops. The latest HR roles within companies, HR Industry trends, and globally accepted HR foundational theories are shared with participants.

Finally, HR certification involves learning from a training provider that has an overall understanding of the HR function: From interviewing, hiring, training and development, compensation, Organizational development, Psychometric assessments, cross cultural sensitization, high performance culture and Strategic HR impact.

One of Achieeve Academy landmark offering are the HR training skills workshops. It has recommended courses in the mentioned areas with proven performance and growth potential.

What are a few of Achieeve Academy popular Human Resources training programs?

Interviewing Skills :
The primary set of Human Resources skills training is Interviewing skills.

Deep set of cutting edge industry practices that guide a HR professional to maximize interview process of recruitment – planning, interviewing and hiring the right person for the right job.

This HR training program’s learning outcomes include understanding types of personal interviews, behavioural interviewing techniques through the iceberg model, Backdrop, Observed behaviour and Effect, Effective listening and Probing skills.

Human Resources Management and Performance Appraisal :
The cornerstone competency for all Human Resources professional are mastering Performance Appraisal process.

A Holistic grounding in all of the HR functions is required. But today’s critical organizational contribution for a HR professional is in the Human Resources Management and Appraisals Process.

These HR training program’s learning outcomes include understanding the framework of HRM theories, Functions, Performance review and discussion including characteristics of an excellent evaluator, Documenting performance, Goals and Skills statements, Rating cycle, Appraisal process.

Office Etiquette :
This HR training program’s learning outcomes include – The set of spoken and unspoken code of grooming and dressing, co-worker communications, Team player behaviour, working on group and individual impressions, managing time well and Understanding the subtle ways to imbibe company’s value systems.

Cross Cultural Sensitization :
As businesses go global, it is important to appreciate the nuances of what makes (or breaks) cross boundary teams, especially matters of cultural diversity. Understanding the business and social norms in a multi-cultural business settings is often the difference between success and failure.

This HR training program’s learning outcomes include – Professional etiquettes, stress management, Mitigating effects of culture shock, Coping strategies, Resolving conflict amicably and getting better in cross cultural communication.